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Our company have almost standardized products of the central block for power pack , the hydraulic 
manifolds for forklift attachemnts and some sub-plates for valve.
In additional to the above application , our technician can provide customized solutions for customer. 
We can integrate with our own screw-in cartridge valve , and also the well-know brand valve and
provide the most suitable solutions, such as SUN / Eaton / Argo-hytos etc 

Products Capability:
Max Working Pressure   : 42 Mpa
Max Working Folw Rate :  200L/Min
Material : Alumium / Steel / Stainless Steel
Working process  : 
1. Design the valve block according to the requirement.
2. Maching the valve block and assemble the hydraulic manifolds.
3. Sample testing in hydraulic test bench or machinery .
4. Small batch production and then serious production .

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